Auto Attendant Reccording

Auto Attendant Recording

When callers hear your Welcome Message or Auto Attendant your company is on show. Let our writers and professional voice over artists present the best possible image of your business. If you place a caller on hold don't risk losing them with deathly silence, chimes, or a radio playing. Entertain and inform callers with your own tailored program of Messages On Hold. …

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Menu Prompts or IVRs allow callers to directly connect to a particular department or person. Supplied as individual files for your phone system they can be easily updated. IVR prompts must be recorded and edited to ensure that phrases of all lengths can be smoothly concatenated, with a variety of voice inflections that ensure a natural, conversational flow. …

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Welcome Message Recording

Welcome Message Recording

Welcome Message Recording …

On Hold Phone Greetings

On Hold Message Recording

On Hold Message Recording …

Auto Attendant Recording

After Hours Message

After Hours Message …

Radio & TV Commercial

Holiday Message Recording

Holiday Message Recording …

Radio & TV Commercial

Call Centre Message

Call Centre Message …

Professional voice over for your audio book!

Professional voice over for your audio book!

Professional story tellers with years of experience in audio book narration are available to record your next project. Audiobooks are a special part of the voice over industry that only a select few can master. Our voices are experienced in audio books, ESL and E-learning projects.We have hundreds of voice talents.. Read more
Translation and Recording 35 Languages

Translation and Recording 35 Languages

Need your prompts translated into Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, French, or Chinese? In an expanding global marketplace, foreign language prompts can make the difference between winning and losing international customers. Our professional voiceover artists can capture the fun and playful side of any project. Read more

Voice Recordings - The Voice of Your Business Any Language - Any Format - All Voice Greeting Needs

• Any Language – we currently voice in 35 Languages and growing
• Any Format – mp3, wav (a-Law, u-Law, PCM), sin, vox, gsm and all other formats needed
• Any Deadline – Most small and medium projects can be completed within 48 hours
• All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Having a professional telephone greeting is important..

Professional Voice Talents for IVR Voice Prompts, Auto Attendant Recordings, Voicemail Greetings, On-Hold Messages.

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